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Arthur Rey is a French composer, pianist and performer. He grew up near Lyon, where he was introduced to music at an early age. Trained as a pianist, he began learning at the age of 5 and quickly developed a taste for imagining and creating his own melodies. Arthur draws his creativity from the diversity of his influences, but also from his completely free approach to composition. His music is contemporary, influenced by trends in minimalist music, but also by film music, pop, electronic, alternative and rock music.

His influences also come from other art forms: literature, cinema and theatre. "These are my influences. There's a tendency to put music into a genre, but you can't know what's going on in an artist's head when they're composing, just as you can't identify all their influences. In fact, I couldn't even tell you. I can tell you what I like: Fincher, the Chainsmokers, Placebo, Juste la fin du monde, Nothomb, Because the Internet, Chazelle & Hurwitz, Fred Again live shows, Coldplay, Gary, Placebo, Daft Punk, Baricco, Djawadi, Salinger, Suzume, or Lucrèce Borgia. Go figure. I mentioned the first ones that popped into my head. It doesn't really matter. Every project is a new story, and there are as many stories to tell as there are ways of telling them. You can feed off everything: reading, writing, listening, composing, it's all the same thing."

After ‘Altération’ and ‘Perséphone’ , Arthur Rey is back in May 2024 with a two-track single ‘Quelque part entre 2020 et 2021 (Improvisations)’. These tracks are the culmination of experimental work based on piano improvisations recorded several years ago. He will be back in June and this summer with a new project, ‘Un (autre) récit’ and its variations, with multiple influences from contemporary music.